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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

FollowUp on Using WSPR Data

A few hours ago I checked the 20m WSPR data for the EU to NJ path during the past 24 hrs.....what a difference from the past weekend!  See for yourself:

Figure 1.  EU stations heard @ K1JT on May 21

Figure 2.  EU stations heard @ K1JT on May 24

Apparently condx were terrible over the weekend while my grabber was on 20.  The only dx station I heard was G6AVK and just for a few hours around 2300z.  If we had been on the past 24 hours I should have heard EU longer and probably louder.

The reason I'm interested in all this is that I've been thinking of moving my grabber to one of the higher bands during my local daylight  (1300z to 2300z) since that is usually when the dx comes thru to Florida.  But not being one to beat a dead horse I want to have some assurance of success.  My plan is to keep and eye on WSPR data as a guide to which bands and times to be QRV, particularly as a supplement to standard propagation predictions.

de w4hbk

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