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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Using DropBox to Build an On-Line Grabber

Building an on-line grabber is a two step process.  First, download and learn to use a waterfall display grabber such as ARGO or SpectrumLab.  Of the two, ARGO is much simpler to use while SpectrumLab is more versatile....I have a SpectrumLab turorial on this blog to help overcome the learning curve.

Second, upload your grabs either to a web page or to the DropBox photo sharing service.  The web page approach is more versatile and sophisticated but has a steep learning curve if you don't already know how to design a web page and get in online.

That's where DropBox comes in.  All you need to do is open a FREE account which links a folder on your computer directly to one at DB.  Then as ARGO or SL makes the grabs and stores them in the computer's DB folder they magically appear in the one at DB.  Furthermore, DB is designed for image sharing and all you need do is obtain the link to the image in question and show it to the Knights so they can view it.

I've been running an auxiliary online grabber using this method and it works FB...with one will not automatically update and the user needs to click his refresh button to see the latest grab.  This is not considered objectionable according to several comments I've received.

Here are the details of the DB folders.

After setting up the *Free* DB account this is the opening screen you will see.  You are provided with two basic folders, one called Photos, which we will be using, and another called Public which is useful for other files such a programs and sound files.  Note also the Getting Started file which will explain everything.

Next open the Photos folder which will look something like this:

The only one of interest to us is 10 Minute Grabber which is where the grab ends up.  Open this one and we see,

a single file which is the actual .jpg  uploaded from the grabber and which is to be viewed by the user.  Click on the "link" icon to the right to copy the link and pass it along to your potential user.

This is the actual folder set-up at DropBox and there is a similar one on your computer at a location you specify when setting it up.  This is where you direct the grabs made by ARGO or SL.

Note that I gave the file a rather strange name..."W4HBK Grabber  (REFRESH for latest grab)".  That's so a message will show up at the top of the screen to ID my grabber and remind the user to hit the REFRESH button once in a while.

Here is the link to my DB grabber.  I can't guarantee it will be active but there will be the last grab I made.

I shortened this using the Google URL shortener to:

de w4hbk

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